What is All Telecom?

All Telecom Korea is a third party internet service provider dedicated to the Korean community across Canada.  We purchase wholesale internet from the major cable and telecom companies and resell it to our community.  The lines are owned by the big companies but we provide you with the best customer service to get you onto the internet with ease.

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Why All Telecom?

Customer service made for Koreans.  We understand Koreans because we’re Korean too!  We know how frustrating it is not to be able to communicate in Korean.  Not only do we provide customer service in your language we provide customer service the way companies provide service in Korea where the customer is still King!

Who is All Telecom for?

Anyone who is more comfortable with speaking in Korean or just prefers the Korean customer service way will appreciate what All Telecom has to offer. Whether you’re a new comer to Canada or a long time resident who hasn’t had the time to master English, All Telecom will get you the same high quality internet, at a better price, but with much better service.

Compare the Difference:  All Telecom vs Competition

With pricing competitive to the big cable and phone companies the choice is obvious.

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한달 무료 인터넷!

한달 무료 인터넷!

메일링 리스트에 구독 신청시 얼 텔레콤 인터넷이 한달 무료! (신규 고객에 한해 해당)

구독을 신청해 주셔서 감사합니다.